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After Death Planning Guide

Immediate Help

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Choosing Disposition

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Settling Estate

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Remembrance Event

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Healing Process

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365 Days of Healing

Grieving doesn't always end with the funeral: subscribe to our free daily grief support email program, designed to help you a little bit every day, by filling out the form below.

Funeral Insurance

Licensed counselors and funeral directors are available.

Licensed counselors & funeral directors are available at more than 1,400

And with the help of licensed insurance agents, you can build a payment plan to help pay for the funeral you select.

Regardless of your age or health, we offer insurance plans that can be paid in a single payment or spread over a 3-, 5- or 10-year period. When the time comes to make your claim, your funds will be available quickly.

Most claims are paid within 24 hours after the necessary documentation is received. With a reputation for superior service, our professional & caring representatives.

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